Survival Marketing I


(First publication: October 1995)


In the article "Marketing of pressure sensors" in the KELLER Trade Fair News '93 the following definition was given:

"Marketing means survival, ensuring survival. The biggest task of a healthy firm today is to ensure living space. If our civilisation collapses, the firm goes with it."

In the book "In Search of Excellence" successful firms are questioned on their marketing strategies. In this article we are asking the same question. Only we are not asking the question of the short-term company creations which dominate the scene now, we are asking it of ourselves. We are the product of over 50,000 generations. Our culture is one of the "most successful". Why are we here with this culture? Why not the descendants of the Moabites with their culture and religion, or of one of the other nations which were destroyed by the hand of God in the Bible?

Let us clear up one thing at the start: In this article the existence of a God or the claim to truth of a religion is not called into question. The starting point is a purely pragmatic one, a line of argument derived from the theory of sets. If 1,000 sets (religions) lay claim to absolute truth, at least 999 religions cannot then have absolute truth. Every religion can claim for itself to be the one true religion.

The observations concern the cultures and religions which have stamped their mark on us in Europe and America. If the Writer had been born into another culture or religion, he would analyse these and come to similar conclusions.

The Origin of Man

"Man has investigated everything, with the exception of himself" is the starting point of the book "The Beginning was the End" by Oscar Kiss Maerth (Econ Verlag). Subtitle: "Man came into existence through cannibalism – Intelligence is edible"

Kiss explains the development of the species Man by the most plausible of all theories without the influence of supernatural power. The first "man" was, according to Kiss, a cross between an African and an Asiatic ape, which carried within itself the rare mutation of being able to multiply within the different types of apes. But he was still an ape living in hordes in which the law of herds applied with a rigorous pecking order. The leader of the herd always had to defend his position. The fight ended with the death or exclusion from the herd. The conquered male apes, expelled from the herd, invaded other herds and took up the fight there.

Hungry after the hard fight, the victor refreshed himself on the body of the rival, firstly on the warm soft parts. He bit his eyes out and sucked out the mass of brain from his skull. The devouring of a fresh brain has two effects, which can still be reproduced today. It increases the libido and sexual potency and enlarges the brain and with it also the intelligence.

Grisly findings of the very matter-of-factly written book: Man is the product of a sick impulse, of a drug which increased his brainpower. The brain potential of man is already present in the ape. The sick sexual drive was the mainspring for becoming man.

Speech, which only man possesses, is according to Kiss "not the result of a higher intelligence, but a makeshift replacement for the lost capability of communicating through thought transference."

Kiss' theses explain plausibly the sexual behaviour of the species Man, which is unique in Nature:

Humans are the only race which does not copulate from behind. Kiss derives this from the fact that women lying on their back could not escape the intruding male. Another idea suggests that the pecking order of the females was newly established and that the females wanted to display their charms in order to climb higher in the pecking order.

They explain the female's cries of lust in the sexual act; she wants to attract a male who is higher in the pecking order. They explain the different behaviour of the sexes after the sexual act. The female wants to hold the male fast in order not to be handed over to one lower in the pecking order. The male wants to get away immediately because those lower in the pecking order are harassing him. If he wanted to claim the female for himself, he would have to jump up to defend himself and the female.

Kiss' theses explain the pornographic needs of man: Those lower in rank could only lust after it, while the one higher in rank first claimed his rights. They explain sex tourism: The intrusion into distant herds in order to copulate with their women. They explain tourism alltogether: The conquering and destruction of alien cultures, to-day with dollars and marks. They explain the sale of beautiful women from poor cultures. They explain the senseless destruction of whole species of animals because their paws or horns are supposed to promote potency. They also explain our desire for success with women. Fame and money are the surrogates which encourage success. They explain the question which is first put to the Entrepreneur: "Do you export?" ("Can you conquer foreign markets (tribes)?")

From the Packs to the Tribe and Nation

In the hordes the Law of the fittest prevailed, with a clear pecking order for all members of the pack.

The first aim was survival, to safeguard oneself against other packs. From the strongest and most fertile packs, groups of men split off, invaded other packs, killed the men and founded new packs with the women. Sometimes packs attacked blood-related tribes, and committed fratricide.

With the story of Cain and Abel fratricide occurs early in Genesis and thus the Bible. Thus fratricide was registered by an omnipresent power and condemned, and blood-related packs combined into tribes.

Religion and Culture as a Marketing Concept for Survival

If fratricide was excluded, any means were justified for the biblical forefathers to secure survival: In Egypt Abraham proclaims that his beautiful wife Sarah is his sister and gives her to Pharaoh as a wife in order to survive.
Jacob, the forefather of the 12 tribes, grandson of Abraham, cheats his brother Esau out of his birthright.
Judah, the son of Jacob, has three sons. The eldest, Er, is given Tamar as a wife. When he dies, Tamar is passed to Onan. He lets the seed fall to the ground (onanism) because the child would not be recognised as his own. God punishes him with death. The third son meets the same fate.
Now Tamar is without respect and therefor the whole tribe of Jacob is without any succession; Tamar disguises herself as a whore, gives herself to her father-in-law without his recognising her and thus ensures for the tribe of the Jews from which Jesus descends, its procreation.

All this is chronicled in the Books of Moses.

Moses leads his wild horde through the desert, each person with his own God, they all go whoring and stealing. When the horde is no longer controllable, Moses goes into seclusion for 30 days and comes back with the 10 Commandments: "You shall only worship One God; this God has given me the Commandments. You shall not bear false witness. You shall not steal. You shall not covet your neighbour's wife." (all causes of disputes among travelling people).

And Moses divides people up into good and bad. A good person is one who keeps the laws and suppresses his natural instincts; a bad person is one who breaks the laws. Goodness is rewarded by God, the Bad are threatened with God's punishment over generations.

The Commandments are expanded into a long book of laws, and the Believer's brain is from then on stuffed full of them. He will from childhood onwards experience the fact that the learning and following of the laws bring rewards and ensure the primeval needs of membership of the tribe and thus survival.

Sinning against the Spirit, that is the calling into question of the legitimacy of the bringers of God's mercy, is subject to the greatest punishment. With God's approval anything could be done. In the Bible, Cultures and peoples are wiped out by the sword of God. When a tribe of the Chosen People was without land, a foreign people was selected which could be attacked without any problem (Judges 18/22): "And they fell upon a people that dwelt peacefully and securely and struck it with the edge of the sword and burnt the city with fire. And there was nobody there who would rescue them. Then they rebuilt the city and dwelt therein."

If the Jews came to a territory that was already inhabited, their God commanded them to assume mastery over the land as quickly as possible. In Judges 1/27: "The Israelites came as a small group among the Canaanites and lived among them. But when Israel became powerful, they made the Canaanites bonded labourers, but did not drive them away." And so several tribes lived peacefully together until the angel of the Lord appeared: "You shall conclude no pact with the inhabitants and shall cast down their altars. But you have not obeyed my voice."

Other peoples with other religions were clearly not so racist and are then reproached for their great stupidity. The Jews lived for 300 years peacefully as guests among the Ammonites. When they came to power they expelled the Ammonites from the land with the justification to the King of the Ammonites: (Judges 2.2): "Thou shalt occupy the land of those whom thy god Kemosh drives out, but let us occupy the land of those whom the Lord our God has driven out before us."
"Why did you not take them (the Jews) with force at this time?" (when you were stronger) / (Judges 11/26).

It must be recognised that in all the territories of this planet, hundreds of cultures and religions stood in the fight for survival, but that only those peoples survived where a higher power moulded the egotistic needs of the individual to a higher goal and forged the tribes together into nations, which were superior to tribes and smaller nations in battle.

The proof of the existence of a God, that all the nations of this earth recognise a God in one form or another, must from the marketing point of view be formulated like this: Only those hordes which introduced a supernatural, moral authority have formed nations. Among religions only those have survived which laid a claim of absolute truth and for our Central European culture (in contrast to the Eastern cultures) were the most brutal.

Moses must be classed in marketing jargon as the most brilliant strategist. He clearly succeeded best in taming the aggressive forces and primitive instincts to the inside. But he was too lenient towards strangers: "Thou shall neither vex a stranger nor oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt." (Exodus 22,21) and he had already given them the commandement: "Thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the Lord." (Leviticus 19,18.)

The book of Judges corrected this, using the primitive instincts externally for the brutal gaining of power. In Judges 7 Gideon has to select 300 from an army of 5000 warriors. He brings them to a watering place, and the Lord spoke to Gideon: "Whoever licks water with his tongue, as a dog licks, set him aside and the number of those who had licked was 300. All the others had drunk kneeling, with hand to mouth. Only those who had licked were selected to beat the Midianites."

In the subsequent books of the Old Testament the system is perfected, and the fact that a people/religion unit has survived 3,000 years and today forms a religious state is, seen in the light of history, a unique marketing performance.

This is in line with the idea of one Philosopher: "In the Holocaust, millions let themselves be led without resistance to the slaughterhouse in order to ensure survival for a nucleus, and moreover the whole "civilised" world was moved to feel shame towards the Jews, which stifled any criticism in the bud allowing the chosen people to develop new strategies. The old strategy of mixing among the nations and gaining power over capital faltered because it was not to be reckoned that there could be any power which was not inferior to the brutality of the sword of the Lord."

The laws of Moses and the Old Testament formed the basis of the Christian and Islamic religions, the most expansionist and most successful religions on earth. They adopted Moses' methods for the taming of man's primitive instinct.

This marketing concept conceals within itself a great danger: In all these cultures a selection through breeding has come into the picture. Members of the tribe who did not obey the law were eliminated, women proved guilty of adultery stoned, blasphemers executed, thieves' hand cut off, which hardly made them into potential fathers.

Along with the "scum", positive qualities of leadership, such as lateral thinking, were also eliminated. The leaders of the peoples and cultures no longer know the origin and purpose of the laws. They become administrators of the testaments without themselves possessing the faculty of reacting to those problems which the writers of the Old and New Testaments could not have foreseen.


The Laws of Moses were taken over by Christianity and expanded with a few brilliant marketing principles.

The "Principle of Moses" of the Chosen People with restrictive rules for the incorporation of foreign elements for the reinvigoration of the blood was an obstacle to the expansion of Judaism as a world religion. If in the Old Testament the good of the nation was the central factor, Christianity centralized the Commandment of love for one's neighbour and the promise; "Everyone who loves Me, so the Father loves him." The individual is put into the centre as God's creation; a marketing principle which prepared the ground for capitalism.

God himself takes the maltreated life into his own hands. There is an absolute power without whose knowledge not a hair on the head is bent, and the tormentors are subject to the same power. God becomes man with all his needs and instincts and sacrifices his own son. That is so brilliant that only a God could have thought of it. Moses had already given Abraham a lesson by requiring the sacrifice of his son Isaac. The father-to-son succession is not conducive to the propagation of the welfare of the nation. However, with the central position of the individual this sacrifice is given another dimension.

Christianity contains cannibalism with the promise: "This is my flesh, this is my blood."

"By eating these material substances spiritual advantages are to occur." (Kiss).

In spite of individualism the fate of individuals still has to be subject to the great plans of salvation. Here the frightening idea occurs to the already-mentioned philosopher that the strategy of the Catholic church towards birth control is unconsciously heading for the catastrophic suffering impending through overpopulation.

Great Emperors have used nationalism for the plans of salvation. To improve the pecking order of a race or nation, men's lives were used as enthusiastic sacrifices, from Alexander the Great through Caesar, Charlemagne, Napoleon and Hitler.

Philosophy within the Confines of Dogmas

The more expansionist the culture or religion, the more repressively the absolute truth was guarded. Blasphemy or ungodliness is punished in all cultures and religions with death. And philosophy too has to move within the confines of religious dogmas. This also applies to Western cultures. The last great philosopher who was condemned to death for ungodliness was Socrates. Plato, his successor, and after him all philosophers critical of religion wanted to stay alive and embedded their ideas in complicated tracts, so that they were not intelligible to the common people.

Only with a philosopher like Marx were simple phrases such as "Religion is the opiate of the people" given exposure. It must be assessed as the biggest marketing error of the heirs of Marx that they did not build real socialism on the gospel and the Christian religion, e.g. on the Acts of the Apostles 4.32: "But the mass of the believers were of one heart and one soul. And not one said of his goods that they were his, everything was in common for them. There was also nobody among them who was in want." History would have been different if Capitalism had not had the support of the Churches in combating Communism.

Reformation or The Beginnings of Capitalism

Religion as a means for the powerful to safeguard their power.

"E pure si muove"
o sentence dented the spiritual supremacy of the papacy so much as Galileo's famous sentence: "But the earth does move"

Copernicus had developed the basis of the solar system and published these, again with embelishment, as a theoretical tract. From this tract Galileo prophesied the circumnavigation of the earth, which must have made it clear to the simple mind that the earth is round. Under pressure from Rome Copernicus later had to publicly recant his theses - Survival is everything. When the world was circumnavigated, Rome had to modify its dogma. Since then only articles of faith (which are not provable) were included in the catechism. But the image of infallibility was impaired.

At this time many Princes had made themselves independent in the German states. The principle of the spiritual power of Rome with the king ruling by the grace of God was then a danger to their authority. The religious Reformers came as called for the Princes and were encouraged to found a new religion whose main aim was to get rid of the spiritual power of the Pope in order not to endanger the power of the Princes through excommunication.

There was of course the other danger, that the believers would not follow. So the Reformers refined the control over the people by imposing on them stern moral regulations, the marketing principle which Moses had first applied.

"Quod licet Iovi, non licet Bovi" (what is right for a Lord is far from right for the oxon) was the motto. Calvin, the exponent of moral strictness found an audience in the rising middle class in Geneva with his thesis of the predestination of man for blessedness or damnation, a projection of the princes' view of the dichotomy into common folk and the nobility with the thesis: "The degree of God's salvation can be judged in life this side of the grave from economic success"; God's justification of the capitalist ethic or "unethic". The princes were fully aware of the value of this marketing strategy. Henry VIII of England introduced Protestantism and declared himself head of the Church of England.

Finally also the popes realised that they had to introduce this marketing strategy if they did not want to loose more of the market. The Catholic church with the confessional perfected the principle over the centuries. Sexual laws were formulated which nobody could keep, but as only the priest could absolve the believers of mortal sin and save them from damnation, they were highly dependent on the church.

After a century of religious turmoils and wars, the religious stage was set and stable for over 400 years.

It has again and again amazed the author of these lines, brought up in a strict Catholic faith by a strong KKK mother (Kids, Kitchen, Kirche (Church)), how the 2'000-year influence of the church on the common folk, among whom he counts himself, was practically eliminated within a generation in our part of the world. What marketing principles of to-day's social system have effected this turnaround in so short a time? The argument that man has come of age is a feeble one, although it is accepted in many circles. Man is the product of over 50,000 generations. The fact that within one generation such a change takes place contradicts every theory of development. The mental faculties of man are the same as in Biblical times. On the contrary the breeding effect has favoured the procreation of the manipulable well-behaved individual.

Self-Realisation and Self-Determination is the Trap

The Catholic church blocks off this need for survival in the first sentence of the catechism: "It is the purpose of man to serve God on earth in order to achieve eternal life in Heaven." That's it! In Heaven the rewards and recognitions are promised which we renounce here. The well-behaved shall be first in the pecking order. For the capitalist system this is not really favourable. One must already reap the rewards for one's efforts in this life. Power, riches and beauty are the preconditions for the fulfilment of man's desires, are suggested to one's mind by advertising and television. Before this daily exposure of several hours the Sunday sermon soon had to capitulate.

If the Princes of the Middle Ages were the first capitalists in a sense, the Catholic doctrine has prepared the ground for capitalism best. It was a self-service pharmacopia where there are all sorts of competent intercessors in Heaven for all anxieties, sufferings and wishes. The capitalist system only needed to replace Saint Christopher, (patron saint of travellers) with the airbag and the various Saints for diseases with medicine. The higher rate of success of the new technology was obvious.

Man has been degraded to an economic unit. Because he cannot achieve what is suggested to him he becomes dissatisfied and ugly. And because he realises this he wants more and more to compensate for it with power and money. And man revenges himself on Nature by senselessly destroying her because she has treated him like a cruel stepmother who has not made him comparable to the most beautiful examples of the human species which are daily presented to him on the screen.

And the leaders and decision makers of this system are just as much caught up in the circle. They neurotically gather money and power in order to climb higher in the pecking order. Whether it is a question of a place in the political or company hierarchy, of the pecking order of the richest Swiss people or citizens of the world, every place is contested with the primitive ruthlessness of the apes in the hordes. The places are allocated by those hitherto patronised consumers of merchandise, television watchers and electors. Mens desires and approvals are the "ultima ratio".

Democracy, the origin of the evil, is the sacred cow, whose calling into question, as in every absolute system, is equivalent to a crime against the state. Democracy in its present form is not yet a hundred years old. Not really a biblical age. And this short time has brought us to the edge of self-destruction. It is high time to reflect on it.

The System is Systematic

In order to bring the system into effect the keepers of the old values had first to be corrupted. The first ones were the farming classes, among whom the values religion, love of country, love of and caring for Nature were most deeply rooted. They were pampered by the system and excessively rewarded. With chemicals, battery farming and hormones the dream of their own car and a holiday in Majorca could be realised more quickly than with God's blessing. Some of them became millionaires overnight as they were able, without any economic performance, to sell their lands at horrendous prices. Prices which the mass of workers have to mortgage their life for. The lawyers, the new priests of the system who also determine the politics, assiduously cream off their share and vigorously help to support the system. Soon the farmers are finished and have to leave the stage, robbed of their credibility and their pride and without any basis for existence.

The second important group is women, who were stylised, more or less in Schiller's William Tell's portrayal of the Stauffacherin as guardians of right and wrong. Again this privileged group often become millionaires overnight through inheritance. "They were crying all the way to the bank," is what is said in America, where over 70% of freely available capital is in the hands of women and less than 1% actually worked for. If they want an easy life during the husbands life time, they drive the husband away with weapons not to be underestimated. Equal pay for equal work is not wanted by this group of women. Those women whom Nature has not equipped with the necessary charms for an easy life claim equal pay for equal work and an equal share in the fleshpots which democracy and the economy has to offer. They advance into the pecking order of the males and claim special treatment.

Women will not be pleased to hear this, but they are the fuel in the devil's machine which is driving us to self-destruction. The pecking order in the packs was decided by the males. He could choose a female or do without offspring. As it is his choice he was satisfied with it. The female could not survive without a male and had to take what was on offer. If it is true for cultures that it is not the peaceful ones that survive, this is also true for females. Those survived who developed wiles to bind a male to themselves. If they have get hold of a male that is above their pecking order, which is the exception, other females will dispute it. Normally they have to take what is available. Because her choice is neither as famous, nor as rich nor beautyfull as Richard Gere, they are dissatisfied and let the man know it every day. He wants to compensate with money and power. He gets her every possible machine and appliance (another burden to the environment) so as to give her more free time for her self-realisation, which mostly ends in frustration, for which again the man is of course responsible. Moving into a new home inflames the economic situation again and the fact that her frustration is completely in the interests of the system requires too much thought. Her guilty conscience is again loosely caught up by the system, which has waste disposal sites that are reached with the second car.

Other groups which profit from the system are dentists, regular voters for the Liberal Party in Germany, who have on their banner "No state intervention in the free market", 90% of whose work could be carried out by dental technicians. This however is prevented by the state. Doctors, psychiatrists and lawyers greatly profit from the sickness of the system. And as more groups profit from a system, the more it is established. Youth, always stylised as bearers of hope for the future, cannot wait to get its share of the fleshpots. Restricted entrance for medical students is the consequence, although we are slowly choking on the health system. Previously they revolted at this age; the system has already become almost perfect.

Democracy has become debased into a self-service shop. The leaders have become representatives of vested interests. Those who get elected are those who best represent the neuroses and dissatisfactions of the electors.

An even more fatal development has further crept into business life. There is cheating and bribery in it, to the advantage of a few people and at the long term expense of the firm and its employees. In the biblical sense the second-greatest sin is when someone harms his own tribe through his behaviour. The German automobile industry is notorious for it. The result: Highly developed Germany has in automobile accessories only half the productivity in comparison with Spain and a reject rate higher by a factor of 2,5. The result of this will be mass redundancies and some villas for a few neurotics who were teased at school.

We are again confronted with the same corrupt host as Moses led through the desert. We worship the golden calf. Man, for 3,000 years empowered by the laws of Moses, Christ, Buddha and others to great social and cultural achievements, is suddenly without spiritual guidance. Consumerism appeals to the most primitive instincts in order to sell more and more goods. The tribes have again splintered into packs which leave part of the tribe out in the cold, excluded and exploited.

Marketing means survival. There is no overall marketing principle in our system. We destroy the basis of our existence and no policy of today shows, even in embryonic form, any tendency to adopt survival marketing in any political programme. Gorbachev was our last great chance for change. A good man who was in possession of world power. He believed in the good in mankind and listened to the theory of wise people. Today the Mafia bleeds his country far more than the Communists ever did. The gangs and nationalists are destroying the country, the citizens are robbed of their belief and of their pride and Gorby creeps from television station to television station courting the favour of the public. This is naive marketing, whose effect is doubly catastrophic, because it has again confirmed the capitalist system and destroyed the alternatives. The worse is the friend of the bad.

From where is help to come here?

Religious Guidance

The papacy is a dynasty which has survived 2000 years. It has today the spiritual leadership over a billion people. The selection procedure has again and again in history brought dramatic changes. After numerous sexual scandals involving priests it is becoming more and more untrustworthy and is losing influence. Neurotic representatives are appointed shepherds, but no man wants to be led by them any more. The marketing principle must be changed if the church does not want to deteriorate into farce. History cannot be reversed. It could again win widespread influence if it were to explain Genesis like Kiss and propagate a code of sexual conduct which is acceptable to, and meets the needs of fellow men, and it learns to accept the sexuality of man and restrain it with understanding. The Pope is near to the end of his life. Prayer has great power. All should now pray that the Cardinals will be inspired by a new spirit.

World Leadership

"The Honest Man is the Fool" is the title given by Ulrich Wickert to his book, which describes the decline in morals in politics and business. The book "The Suckers" (German: "Die Abzocker") by Bräuniger and Hasenbeck strikes the same note. The books are best sellers, but will probably have the opposite effect to the intended. Nobody wants to be a fool, and the person who reads these books must ask himself: "If everybody is helping himself from the state and society, why should I not do so?"

The effect of the books suffers from the biblical division between good and bad and the condemnation resulting from it. Man is not 'good' or 'bad'. Man is programmed for survival for himself and his brood. And he chooses the tactics that ensure his survival and improve his ranking in the pecking order. Who can blame an Albanian who sees no chance for himself and his family unless he gets into the drugs business? Joseph Kennedy, the father of the clan, is supposed to have done the same sort of thing with less justification. But his son Robert fought Jimmy Hoffa to the death, a man who used criminal methods to get more out of the system for his Teamsters, not only for his offspring. Nevertheless the Kennedy case should be taken into consideration as a model case. A lot of power and money is to-day in the hands of the Mafia. It controls the economy and politics. Its influence is declining at present because too many "Little Bosses" are flooding the West. They can no longer control the scenario. The state, even if its representatives wanted a change, is ineffective and waging an unequal combat.

It would be good marketing for the Bosses to declare themselves satisfied now with what they have gained, to impel the politicians towards decontrol of drugs in order to stop the proliferation of the Mafia, and to engage their power and their offspring in the Kennedy pattern in a social survival policy. The world will thank them, as it thanked Kennedy, who had the intelligence to see it.

The great changes in history, including the positive ones, have not been effected by nice people like Prince Charles, but by men of action like his forefathers, who catapulted the naive leaders, not always with Christian means, away from the levers of power and brought the country to new greatness.

With a lot of money it would be a simple thing to impel mankind to a life that meets its needs. Man is happy when he can set to work on a great task. This is the basis of great cultures and achievements. This quality of man must be used for the great goal of survival, and not for the senseless destruction of the basis of life.

During the war my father smuggled gifts with great risk from Switzerland into Hitler's Austria. When they arrived they were proudly refused on the grounds: "We have what we need." 30 years later I met these same people. Their lives were ten times better than during the war, still the conversation ranked only about the prices of eggs and butter. They had been turned from enthusiastic advocates of National Socialism into egotistical, moaning consumers.

One must not lose sight of the fact that neurotics like Hitler massively subverted this need of man to live for something great and useful. To mobilise mankind for the positive goal of survival is a simple marketing problem.

Survival Marketing

Here an attempt is made to think laterally across the cultures and religions which influence the action of man. Man must finally begin to think. The religions ensured the survival of national groups and communities. To the new global challenge they have no answer. They prepared the ground for the present system since they have drawn a veil over the origin of man and channelled his primitive desires to their own ends. It must be made clear to man that he has fallen from a "positive" manipulation by religion into a manipulation by a system which will destroy him. He has not become happier as a result. On the contrary! A high percentage of marriages break up or the partners loathe each other, without this being queried. The system must be broken with a positive effort directed towards survival. All our feelings and wishes must be analysed for their origins. We must accept our sick minds and our origins and develop strategies about how we can reorientate our wishes and neuroses for survival.

In the last Trade Fair News we explained that we will use our modest means as far as possible for this goal of survival. It's not a lot. Still, with a ridiculously small sum compared to the results, we are convinced we could swing any country round in 2 years to a new way of thinking. First of all a group of scientists would analyse the different religions, cultures and forms of governments, politicians and personalities for their survival strategies and neuroses, as has been attempted in this article. This way of thinking would be propagated in newspapers and other media.

The market for this must be assessed as huge, and the investment would quickly be repaid. One need only think of the parents of drug addicts who have to look on helplessly in terrible pain, while the system destroys their families. To the drug addicts it must be made clear that they are the manipulated pawns of a corrupt system, where a few people profit from their tragedy. When they realise that they are treated as fools, that the system makes them believe by using drugs they are revolting against it but in reality they are supporting it, they will begin to think. For what man hates most is to be taken as fools.

To all those, who take unjustified profit from the system, it must be made clear, that their behavior makes them ugly and blind. Moses (2. 23.8) already admonished his people: And thou shall take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise and perverteth the words of the righteous. Going the "right way" and engaging in a survival marketing will make them beautyfull and attractive for women, because women have the instinct feeling, which male is guaranteeing her and her offspring's survival. And that is all man is aiming for, to be loved and respected by the other sex.

Man is programmed for survival. We have survived 50,000 generations, shall we also survive the next 100? We have the capital, the means of communication and the intellect that gave us the atom bomb and took us to the moon. It is time to apply our mind and resources to ourselves.


...from the sensor industry in the light of this article and a mockingbird. A little salt in the soup for insiders and in the hope that someone will complain to the courts. Then they will at least have to grapple with this way of thinking.

Chief "Long Shadow"
(Chief of Mannesmann/Hydac)

A neurotic shell-collector who wants to compensate for his lack of charisma through power. Is an excellent tracker. The tribe of chief "Mockingbird" was barely 10 warriors strong when he appeared personally in their hunting grounds in order to integrate the tribe into his sub-tribe. When he, as chief of the big tribe of Mannesmann, hears that the tribe of "Mockingbird" is considering incorporation into his tribe, he immediately sends an envoy of his sub-tribe for negotiations. Now "Long Shadow" is hauled before the court of elders.

What is the meaning of this nonsense? It was immediately clear to outsiders who was the chief at Hydac. The leaders of the big tribe and all members of the sub-tribe knew it. And they let him have his way because they wanted to continue to profit from his performance.

Now, when he is removed as Chief of Mannesmann, they can profit no longer and want to judge.

And the hundreds of warriors for whom "Long Shadow" built a camp site in a structurally weak area, do you want to drive them away?

"Long Shadow" has harmed nobody, except taken away a few shells from other neurotics. Now he should use them for the great problem of survival.

Chief "Big Sun"
(Chief of Endress+Hauser)

The tribe of Chief "Big Sun" was built up on the biblical pattern. Honoured be the patriarch, the sons and the whole tribe. The laws of the chief are compared with the laws of Moses. As in biblical times there was furious action in the territory. Expulsion and increase of the power of their own tribe hoisted on the banners. With simple, pithy sentences such as " Do it, no talking" he drives the warriors on. It works, amazingly. The destruction of the environment is countered in housewifely fashion.

The regulation of the succession is movingly described. The sons go along with it nicely. Who can resist when a far higher rank in the pecking order is assigned to him than is due to his natural talent? All his life he will spend his time in justifying his position. Lateral thinking in the confines of the family structure is announced. That only worked in the princely Middle Ages when the citizens were held down by religion.

Let's not misunderstand things: The sons of chief "Big Sun" are nice types like Prince Charles. But in order to hold together a tribe of this size rare qualities are required. Qualities that are eliminated by breeding. The further cultures are removed from the primeval packs the more rarely such qualities come to the fore.

Such a quality is called an "atavistic" one. The Maid of Orleans was an atavistic phenomenon. Nobody would have thought of generating a new royal house with her as mother ancestor! Napoleon was an atavistic phenomenon. Had he had dozens of rivals, as in German lands at the same time, Napoleon would have got no further than Corsica. His successors were wimps, as the slang puts it, which is an indication of the connection between sexual potency and the qualities of a chief, a connection which our origin in packs explains.

Chief "Mockingbird"
(Chief of Keller AG)

A neurotic world-improver. At 15 he wanted to be pope or a saint. Then he wanted to be chief of a big tribe, but in the tribes in which he hunted he was not selected for higher ordination: "Too good to be fired, too provocative to be promoted".

"Mockingbird" founded his own tribe. His mocking tongue spoils many barter deals for the tribe but allows him free lateral thinking.

"Mockingbird" lives by the motto of his wise ancestors: "Son, you are free if you do not have to suck up to asses. You are rich when you can tell them that. You are wise if you do not have to tell them anymore."

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